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ZE:A Guide - Chapter 4: Videos

Chapter 4: Videos
Most of the time videos are the best way to see a groups personality, so I figured why not add this to the pimp posting~ ;D

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And now that that's done and have got ZE:A drilled into your brain, why don't you try looking for more on your own? :D There's plenty of places to get news, pictures and performances from. To start off, since you're already on LJ, you could check out the main community ze_a which is run by me.

ZE:A also has two international forums currently running, one by the name of EmpireChildren and another by the name of Royal9. Both are pretty up to date with articles and pictures and have friendly people, though if you really want my honest opinion, EmpireChildren seems to run a little smoother and has a more active community. I'd still recommend joining both just to get the most of what you can.

For videos and subs, these YouTube channels are the best. There are others that sporadically update with pre-debut performances and when they appear on radio or variety shows, but those aren't dedicated to ZE:A specifically so I won't name them.
NineEmpire2 (the original was deleted, and so far not all the videos have been uploaded :/)

As for other communities on LJ based on ZE:A:
madtimeright - fanworks community
empirechildren - ZE:A a day
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ZE:A Guide - Chapter 1: The Group

Chapter 1: The Group
Seeing as ZE:A is a relatively new group, I wanted to get their info out there so more people can become interested, and if they already are, they can learn more about the group and why I love them so much. Maybe I can convince a few people to give them a chance since these boys have great personalities and have a lot of talent and potential, in my opinion. xD worldvidz is having a fun little thing where people choose which groups, group members or pairings they'd like to pimp out and I chose ZE:A for the occasion. :)

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